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Sculptors tongue, like its name, is a truly unique gin which has been designed by Louis and Ben. Having worked in the wine and spirits industry for many years they have experienced many varieties of gins and so decided to create a gin which was so good it could not only be a great mixer but also a stand alone beverage with amazing subtle flavours.

Sculptor's Tongue Logo


Sculptor's Tongue Logo

After creating our gin, we thought long and hard about what name would be fitting to it. Having grown up in a very creative and artistic family, Louis wanted the name to be in some way connected to the artistic world. Back when he was living in Italy, he grew up listening to many stories from artist’s and in particular sculptors, one of his favourite sayings was "sculptors see their works of art within a raw block of marble". We started to discuss how it takes a trained palate to distinguish some gins from others when they are mixed with tonic. Our gin however was created to address this problem, as it has a very distinct aroma we wanted people to be able to taste the work of art within every drink, giving everyone who imbibes a "sculptors tongue".


We were incredibly lucky to partner with illustrator Isabella Cotier, who drew our wonderful label. Isabella took inspiration from her time spent living in Italy to develop her own take on the classic carnival character Arlecchino (Italian for harlequin) falling into an open mouth to symbolise the creativity that has gone into creating every bottle of gin.

Sculptor's Tongue Illustration
Premium Gin Bottle


The gin is created using the six botanicals of lemon and orange peel, pomegranate seeds, lavender, juniper berries, and orris root making it a delight in the summer as a refresher but also works as a winter warmer.

Gin bottle with botanicals

The Botanicals and how they influence

Pile of Oranges

Orange peel
Tangy notes


Lavender Fields

Light floral aroma


Lemon peel
Fresh zingy notes

Pomegranate seeds
Fruity tart sweet notes

Orris Root
Juniper Plant

Juniper berries
Wet wood classic gin notes

Orris root
Floral earthy grounding notes

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